All the colours on a plate…

Dedicated all things colourful and pretty, this piece of veggie heaven was born. Deliciously fresh, with a touch of sweetness and a spicy kick, this rainbow treat can add a bit of carefree summertime sensation to those winter nights. 

The 3-hour yoga workshop today reminded me of those sunny days spent in beautiful Bali. And since rice terraces, palms trees with young coconuts and frangipani fragrance are currently (and mainly geographically) not available, my so open chakras had to compromise with pretty vegetables and warming spices.

No particular recipe needed here, perhaps more of a plate ‘dissection’…

In the spotlight we have some coconut black rice noodles. The colour is just fascinating! When boiling rice, sometimes I add some desiccated coconut to give it a bit of fragrance. The same thing (I’ve just discovered) also applies to rice noodles.


Then the veggies. First, I have some carrots spirals (adorable), just gently steamed and then marinated in gingery dressing with black sesame. The dressing is open for improvisation – mine had ginger, lime, lemon, sesame oil.

Then some kale roses. Actually I am not sure how they’re called, but kale roses sounds good enough for me. These are also gently seamed with a bit of seasoning.

On the sides we have some slices of avocado sprinkled with black sea salt.( No idea where that salt came from, but I know I have been carrying it around with me for a long time…) and some mango slices to cover the tropical yellow pallet.

Finish up with some fresh coriander, lime slices and chillies and voila!  – tropical symphony on a plate! So pretty and yet so yum!




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  1. liveyoulivewell says:

    beautiful plate!


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