Crafty Inspirations

Few weeks ago we went to a Handmade fest – a true celebrations of crafts, colours, textiles,  ribbons, papers, beads, ceramics and pretty much anything you can use to create little wonders with your own hands.

With lots of workshops, demonstrations and exhibitors there was plenty to be inspired from…

Like folklore inspired Polish ceramics…


Or getting real ribbon-crazy…


Or perhaps commit to wool Christmas bunting…DSCN2975

Or get a sudden desire to button up pretty much anything…DSCN2971

Or maybe get yourself wondering what can you do with a bright beads chicken…DSCN2990

Or wonder where to find an old rotten ladder and turn it into a boho style shelf…DSCN2958

My immediate outcome from the fair was making some tissue paper flower pom-poms. They are so easy to make and you can play with the colours or shapes to fit pretty much every occasions. Mine ended up as an overly bright blooming lamp decoration.  All you need is sheets of tissue paper, sting and scissors. You can find lots of tutorials on Pinterest or Youtube for detail instructions.


The other projects are still on the table and luckily Christmas is coming soon, so the home Santa’s workshop will be opening soon again!       


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