Quick, easy and moreish fig, pistachio and cheese salad

Figs for me are one of the most delicious, indulgent and somehow sexy fruits. The best thing is that they can be an inspiration for exotic cakes, healthy salads, creative smoothies but at the same time just with their presence they can add a bit of a special summer flair to the simplest recipes.


My figs devotion here will start with a simple but attractive salad – a celebrations of flavours, spices and colours. It features figs, rocket, beetroot, red onion, soft cheese, spices, pistachio and balsamic vinegar cream.

I first roasted in the oven some slices of beetroot and red onion. Before placing them in the oven I sprinkled them with a bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of brown sugar so that they can just slightly caramelise.

In the meantime I prepared my nutty and spicy cheese balls. I used a Bulgarian soft and non-salty cheese called Izvara, which can be easily substituted with Ricotta cheese. If you want a bit more substantial and cheesy flavour your can blend the Ricotta with some feta cheese. From the cheese I formed several small balls ready to be rolled in the nuts & spices mix. For the mix I used salt, pepper, coriander, a hint of cinnamon and chopped raw pistachio nuts. Each cheese ball was dipped and rolled in the mixture. DSCN2845

For assembling the salad I placed a base of rocket leaves and then added the roasted beetroot slices, 2-3 pieces of onion, their majesties the Figs (sliced) and the pistachio balls.

To finish I flavoured with some olive oil and garnished with some thick fig balsamic vinegar cream – a true joy for the eye and the mouth!



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