Delicious Harvest Fest

Discovering new flavours, experimenting with nontraditional ingredients, the therapeutic feel of kneading butter dough are few of the things that I find so enjoyable about baking. What is even more satisfying, however is the chance to bring smiles to people’s faces with something so simple but made with so much love.

Last weekend I had the chance to experience exactly this feeling and share some autumn inspired creations from the Sun Soul Kitchen at the Urban Harvest Fest in Kentish Town, London.  A celebration of local food and sustainable living, the event was a true delight with gin making, juice pressing with local fruits, gardening, music and plenty more to get inspired and taste from. Like my home made apples, pears and pumpkin bakes! All recipes were inspired by the new season and made with lots of love!


Autumn has never been my favourite season, however its beauty is undeniable. I found a lot of inspiration from its colours, fallen leaves and shiny conkers and used it to add a bit of seasonal atmospheres to my stall. After all like it is said “anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day”.


This is also the time to say big thank you to Transition Kentish Town who stand behind the event and managed to gather so much positive energy in one place, and of course to everyone who joined us during the day.

Below are some of the bakes surrounded by autumn’s wonders.  Recipes will follow soon.

All set, ready for the first customers
Pear & ginger mini tarts – so simple and yet so yumm
Pumpkin & chocolate tiger cake – one of the favourites
Apple & rum cake – well, my favourite!
The classic crunchy caramel popcorns
Pear, cardamom & chocolate cake – Queen of the show (and my personal achievement)
Traditional Bulgarian pumpkin strudel – another hero of the day
Sharing the delicious love

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