Raw Cardamom, Rose & Pistachio Balls

These pretty little treats probably combine all the goodness you can think of – gluten-, dairy-, sugar-free, super flavoursome, a bit adventurous and totally irresistible. Just to finalise the promotion here, I will add that they are extremely easy to make and allow for lots of flavours experimentation.

I love cardamom and I wanted to make it the hero of the dish. Unfortunately, there is no way to feature its pretty green shells, therefore I thought raw pistachio could do the job of adding some colour and flavour. And just to make them extra special and delightful I added some rose petals.


You will need: 

120g dates, pitted & chopped 

60g raw cashews 

30g raw almonds ( I used ground almonds) 

50g raw pistachios

1 tbsp. cocoa powder 

1 tsp. ground cardamon 

1 tbsp. honey – optional 

sprinkle of rose petals 

For decoration: 

Chopped pistachios 

Rose petals chopped in smaller pieces 

Put all nuts in a food processor and blend until you reach the consistency you want. You can leave them chunky if you want to taste the nuts more distinctively or blend until you have a fine mixture. Add the cocoa and cardamom and blend again. Add the dates and blend until you have a nice sticky mixture. Add honey if you want them a bit sweeter. Finally add a sprinkle of roses.


Once all ingredients are well combined it is time to roll the balls. This is a bit of a dirty and sticky job but I quite enjoy it. Take a teaspoon full of the mixture and shape it with your hands into a nice ball. Use your palms to roll it to make it smooth and even. Once you have the shape you want roll the ball in the pistachio nuts and the rose petals to coat it. Set aside and move to the next one.

Keep these little treats in the fridge and they can last for days… not that anyone could keep away from them for too long! Enjoy!



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  1. pinkiebag says:

    These look so pretty and no doubt taste yummy as well. Thanks for sharing.


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