Yummy chickpeas, kale & coconut falafels

Delicious, healthy and super easy to make these bites are the perfect lunch or dinner treat. No dairy or wheat needed, only few simple ingredients and lots of love 🙂


1 can of chickpeas (drained) 

100g kale leaves (I picked up mine from the garden and I am so proud 🙂 

1 garlic clove 

3 tbs coconut cream 

2 tbs chickpea flour 

1/2 ts soda 

1/4 ts ras el hanout  

Blend the chickpeas, kale and love together until you have a smooth mixture. Add the coconut cream and mix again. This will make the mixture extra creamy and give it a touch of sweetness.

In a separate bowl mix the flour with the spices and the soda. Add it gradually to the kale mixture until you achieve a good consistency that allows you to form the falafels. Still the mixture should not be too hard.

Preheat a pan, add a dash of olive oil if needed and cook the falafels, making sure both sides are baked. Alternatively you can pop time into the oven.

The falafels go perfectly well with a green salad and a dip of your choice. Enjoy!



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