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Apricot ricotta & almond tart

Light and fruity this apricot tart is just the perfect summer treat! Continue reading “Apricot ricotta & almond tart”


Very Chocolatey Lemon Tart

The last few months were intense – lots of cooking and too little time for writing. Luckily, I am equipped with a lot of delicious discoveries now that are just waiting patiently to be shared. The first one lined up is this amazing zesty lemon tart with added double chocolate sensation.

Continue reading “Very Chocolatey Lemon Tart”

Red lentils & roasted peppers gram tarts (gluten-free & vegan)

This is officially the day when tarts became extremely good for you!  Continue reading “Red lentils & roasted peppers gram tarts (gluten-free & vegan)”

Delicious Harvest Fest

Discovering new flavours, experimenting with nontraditional ingredients, the therapeutic feel of kneading butter dough are few of the things that I find so enjoyable about baking. What is even more satisfying, however is the chance to bring smiles to people’s faces with something so simple but made with so much love. Continue reading “Delicious Harvest Fest”

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