Cardamom coconut porridge with rose & blood orange

In porridge world, I will say this could easily be the Porridge Queen. The creamy coconut, combined with fragrant cardamom and sweet roses will turn your morning into a real adventure.

The recipes is simple and the result – deliciously stunning!  You will need:

200 ml Coconut milk 

150 ml Water 

100 g Oats 

2 tsp Chia 

4 Cardamom pots 

2 – 3 tsp. Rose jam 

Pistachio & blood oranges for topping

Put the coconut milk, water, oats and chia in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the cardamom seeds, reduce the heat and let it simmer till your porridge is tick and creamy. Stir occasionally to ensure the porridge doesn’t stick to your pan. Remove from heat, let it cool just a bit and add rose jam for sweetness. Alternatively you can use honey or agave syrup. Top with pistachio put and blood orange to make it extra special. Enjoy!


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