Festive Chocolate Prunes Pralines

This one is dedicated to those cheeky moments (usually sneaking in evening times) (more often than you want to admit) when you are secretly craving something sweet, of particularly naughty nature…when you rebel against the responsible choice of a healthy satzuma and oh well.. you know that you’ll be good as of tomorrow … so you just give up those pointless battles and bring on that chocolate!

Now, these chocolate treats serve perfectly well that life-saving mission BUT they are actually 100% guilt free! Ok… maybe make that 90% as they do have a tiny layer of chocolate.. OK, maybe that should become 80% as there is some whiskey involved but we’re not going to get meticulous about the numbers now! One thing for sure – they are 100% delicious!



The recipe is super simple and you only need very few ingredients. For say 20 pralines these would be:

  • 20 soft and juicy prunes – pitted
  • 50ml whiskey or cognac or flavourful liqueur like Cointreau
  • 10 walnuts halves – halved (so that is 20 quarters) + some extras for nibbling (I mean we all know we do it)
  • Dark chocolate – 70% cocoa is the best

Soak the prunes in the liquor of choice for at least two hours. Once your prunes are completely hammered, take them out and dry them carefully with kitchen roll. You won’t need here the leftleftover prune-infused liquor but don’t even dare throwing it away. Add it to a cup of tea and you can thank me later 😉

Let the prunes dry out and in the meantime roast the walnuts. The last time I sprinkled my walnuts with few drops of water and covered them with cinnamon allover before roasting them. This gave them just a tiny hint of spices but it’s not necessary for the overall greatness of the pralines.

Roast the walnuts in a pan or in the oven quickly and let them cool down. Now fill carefully each prune with a walnut quarter and set them aside.

Once ready, melt the dark chocolate and cover each prune in chocolate to give it perfect finish. Let the covered in chocolate praline dry out on drying rack. To make it quicker, just pop them in the fridge. I also added some red sparkles… well just because 🙂

Trust me once you try these you’ll be making them again and again!



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