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October 2015

Crafty Inspirations

Few weeks ago we went to a Handmade fest – a true celebrations of crafts, colours, textiles,  ribbons, papers, beads, ceramics and pretty much anything you can use to create little wonders with your own hands. Continue reading “Crafty Inspirations”


Heavenly Pumpkin Strudel: Tikvenik

It was about time I shared something from my mum’s kitchen and this one in particular is one of my favourites – a delicious festive pumpkin strudel: Tikvenik. Continue reading “Heavenly Pumpkin Strudel: Tikvenik”

Delicious Harvest Fest

Discovering new flavours, experimenting with nontraditional ingredients, the therapeutic feel of kneading butter dough are few of the things that I find so enjoyable about baking. What is even more satisfying, however is the chance to bring smiles to people’s faces with something so simple but made with so much love. Continue reading “Delicious Harvest Fest”

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