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August 2015

Lombok: In the quest of perfect beach

It is not hard to fall in love with this 4,500km2 piece of land in South Indonesia. Situated just about 30km east of Bali, Lombok has almost everything that you can find on its famous neighbour – beautiful beaches, lush green jungle, majestic volcanoes, friendly locals and delicious food.  Continue reading “Lombok: In the quest of perfect beach”


Cinnamon Banana Bread – Vegan & Delicious

Inspired by the sunny days and already turning yellow fields banana bread felt like the perfect sweet, aromatic & healthy late summer afternoon treat.  The recipe is easy as a piece of cake (a cinnamon – banana one) and on top with a healthy flair – no sugar and no dairy. Continue reading “Cinnamon Banana Bread – Vegan & Delicious”

Cherry Chocolate Macarons

Here it is! My very first food post! Of course as a pilot recipe I needed to choose something very special. Continue reading “Cherry Chocolate Macarons”

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